Mellodie's Body Image Gym, LLC

​ Call us at (352) 637-5400 
or e-mail
​1101 Middle School Road, Inverness FL 34450
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Mellodie's Gym - features and amenities...
Accept cash, checks, or even good food in certain circumstances (near lunchtime, etc.)

Climate controlled environment   

Equipment - lots of it!
  free weights
  strength training
  circuit training
  heavy punching bag 

(New to gyms?  Sorry, you can't take the free weights home...)

FOR SALE:  T-shirts, protein shakes, juice bar, and the odd item someone is peddling for a school fund raiser (no pressure)

Free petting of chocolate labs, if you're nice 

Friendly people - nearly all, and the odd grump or two to keep things balanced

GIFT CARDS for birthdays, holidays, or just 'cause

Individual or class training (see Our Programs)

Juice Bar, with...
   well, juice... and other liquids like energy drinks
   meal supplements, other supplements
   protein shakes, and
   ...the occasional batch of donated (free) cookies 

Lockers for day use, showers, restrooms

MEN & WOMEN - facilities and classes for both! 

Parking!  Uncrowded lot, large area ​

Personal training

Safe environment for teenagers after school


Sound system

Tanning bed

TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES!  Do you like to travel?  Each year, Mellodie leads a group of members on an overseas adventure. 

Past destinations have included Ecuador; Tanzania in Africa; Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyons in the US; and Uganda, also in Africa.  

More recent adventures are visits to the Amalfi Coast of Italy during 2018 and Botswana in Africa during 2019.  Members pay their own way but you knew that!  

Weight loss programs 
​   semi-annual incentive diet programs

Workout rooms, three of them, and they're spacious

Miscellaneous - things we forgot to list..."there's always something"